Wyoming Highway Patrol Association

The Wyoming Highway Patrol Association was formed in 1974 as an informal, fraternal organization of sworn troopers.  With the occasional “get together” around the state, it was the first time any organized effort was made to unite for the promotion of a better life for members of the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Today, this association is a registered non-profit corporation, with efforts directed at every facet of life for Wyoming State Troopers, and their support personnel in Clerical, Communications and Ports of Entry.  Criminal and traffic statutes, retirement, compensation and benefits, have all been directly affected by our involvement, lobbying and public information.

The WHPA also directs economic efforts, amounting over history to tens of thousands of dollars, toward charitable organizations, and individuals, meeting a select criteria.  Needs are addressed for:

  • The honorable memory of fallen peace officers
  • Assistance to peace officers families
  • Dramatically injured or terminal persons
  • Traffic safety and education

Scholarships, again totaling many thousands of dollars, are awarded each year to WHP dependents, based upon academic achievement and good citizenship.

Awards for Valor, Distinguished Service, Combat, Injury, Meritorious Conduct, Lifesaving and Exemplary Citizenship are presented each year to deserving WHP personnel, both sworn and civilian, as well as selected members of the general public.  This program, while funded by us, involves the cooperation and participation of the Command Staff of the WHP.  Also, the WHP Seatbelt Survivor of the Year is recognized.

For as long as there is a Highway Patrol, the WHPA will be there striving to make a safer and rewarding workplace for those that risk their lives to keep our highways safe and our state secure.

Thank you for your interest and support of the WHPA.  Drive safely.